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Finally, some new pics of the NEW drumline. Here's some of the line warming up at the Midlothian game:

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Some pictures of the 1999 AHS Drumline at a football game:

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The AHS Drumline at the UTA Drumline Competition:

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Members of the AHS Drumline during a Monday afternoon practice:

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Members of the AHS pit during a Monday night practice

(plus a shot of Mr. Haley imitating a hummingbird):

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Members of the AHS Drumline performing Brooms Hilda:

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The 1998 AHS Drumline:

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These pics are from the UIL Region 7 Marching Contest at Glen Rose:

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Here are some pics of the 1998 AHS Drumline at the UTA Marching/Drumline Competitions:

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